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FR / Arc Rated Clothing

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  • Arc Flash Kits

  • In the World of Safety Apparel, there is a lot of Confusion about the FR Label!
    Flame Retardant vs Fire Resistant?
    Learn the Difference! It Could Mean Your Life!

    The standard for electrical safety in the workplace (NFPA 70e) has developed a matrix of
    Hazard/Risk Categories (HRC) to help match the tasks being performed on energized electrical equipment to the appropriate flame resistant protective clothing. While garments with a higher arc rating can be used; a garment's specific minimum for arc ratings required by Hazard/Risk Categories should be followed.
    See HRC Arc Ratings below.

    Hazardous Risk Categories

    The garments in:

    • HRC 1 have Arc Ratings between 4 cal/cm2 and 7.9 cal/cm2.
    • HRC 2 have Arc Ratings between 8 cal/cm2 and 24 cal/cm2.
    • HRC 3 have Arc Ratings between 25 cal/cm2 and 39 cal/cm2.
    • HRC 4 have Arc Ratings 40cal/ cm2 and above.


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