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3M Fall Protection
( Formerly SafeWaze )

The Man Store highly recommends printing & posting “The ABC’s of Fall Protection”
at ALL Prominent Locations for Your Safety & Educational Purposes.
(Click to View/Print pdf)
Safety Harnesses Lanyards
Choose Harnesses Based on "Your" Work Type!!!
Tybak, Web Lanyards, Cable Lanyards, Low Profile, Welding Lanyards, Expandable & More!
Retractable Lifelines Anchor Points
Retractable Lifelines-  ReLoad™, Thor, Thunderbolt...
Many Anchor Points to Choose From
Fall Protection Kits Roofing Kits
Fall Protection in a Bag!!!
Roofer's Kits by 3M, Fall Safe & French Creek

on Customized Roofer's Kits
Bulk Rope D-Ring Extenders
Various lengths & type
Reach the Back D-Ring Easier
Positioning Devices Positioning Belts & Pads
Positioning Equipment
Replacement Belts
Guardrail & Scaffolding Systems & Accessories ACRO Building Systems
WorkSafe™ Single Rail Shallow Bracket, Double Rail Shallow Bracket, Deep Brackets, Guardrail Brackets, Telescoping End Stops & more!
Roofing Construction Products - Proudly Made in the USA!
Horizontal Lifelines Ladder Climb System
2 & 4 Man Systems
Ladder Climb Systems & Accessories
Rescue Products Tripods
Self Rescue, Ladder Climb Systems, Rescue Kits & Accessories
Confined Space Recovery, Retrieval & Rescue, Confined Space Quad Pod, Suspension & Confined Space Rope Systems, 3-Way System Hand Winch, & more...
Rope Grabs Rope Lifelines
Rope & Cable Grabs
Rope Lifelines
Fall Safe USA Fall Protection
Harnesses, Lanyards, Retractables, Anchor Points, Rescue, Kits, Accessories & more!

3M  Fall Protection
(formerly Safewaze)
Guardian Fall Protection

Fall protection systems can save your life. Explore a wide selection of fall protection equipment including safety harnesses and lanyards from some of the most respected safety equipment manufacturers in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a full body harness or a construction safety harness, we have the size and style you’re looking for, at a price that fits your budget. For the most advanced fall protection, rely on a brand you can trust.  Explore our complete line of fall protection harnesses, fall protection lanyards & retractables, lifeline systems, anchor points, roofers kits, connecting devices and more.

The Man Store Lanyards can be customized to fit Peri Forms and Simons Forms!
The Man Store Web & Chain Assemblies can be customized to fit Peri Forms and Simons Forms!

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The Man Store is a fast and convenient source for all of your brand name Industrial Safety Supplies.  The products we offer are hand-selected & we offer only the best in the industry!  The Man Store has been in business for over 11yrs & has customers in every state in the country including many over-seas.  Our relationship with our customers is built on a level of trust & customer satisfaction.  Our philosophy at The Man Store is "A Happy Customer is a Repeat Customer"!  We are confident that we can help our customers achieve their goal of "Sending the American Worker Home Safely"!

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