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Lakeland ABPU10LYZ Arc Rate Rain Gear

  • Lakeland ABPU10LYZ Arc Rate Rain Gear
  • Lakeland ABPU10LYZ Arc Rate Rain Gear
  • Lakeland ABPU10LYZ Arc Rate Rain Gear- Zipper on Leg
  • Lakeland ABPU10LYZ Arc Rate Rain Gear- Pocket
Lakeland ABPU10LYZ Arc Rate Rain Gear is Ideal for Utility & Oil / Gas

Lakeland ABPU10ORZ Premium Polyurethane Arc Tech Hi Vis Class E Rain Bib for Arc Flash & Flash Fire

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Lakeland ABPU10ORZ Hi Vis Arc Flash Tech Premium Polyurethane, Waterproof Rain Bib Overall, ANSI Class E, ASTM Arc Flash & Flash Fire Rated

Item # ABPU10ORZ - Ideal Arc Flash or Flash Fire Rain Gear for Utility & Oil / Gas

PU Offers Superior Performance vs PVC

More Comfortable

  • Cooler:  Breathes & Releases Perspiration
  • Softer & More Flexible
  • Side Zips for ease of use with Boots
  • Stays supple in Cold Temps so you're not replacing due to cracks
  • Available in Small - 6X Large & Tall Sizes
  • Lighter Weight


More Durable for Longer Wear Cycle

  • Softness & Pliability makes it less prone to get caught on branches & brush
  • Superior Puncture, Tear & Abrasion Resistance
  • Reinforced HF Welded/Sealed Seams for maximum strength
  • Innovation DRP Diamond Reinforced Patch to prevent "crotch blow out"
  • Saves money in the long run due to longer life vs PVC
  • Also available:  Matching jacket


Compare the workmanship, features, and attention to detail:
You won't find an equal…and you have the assurance of Lakeland-made quality- NO contractors used!

ANSI 107-2010 Class E
ASTM F1891, ASTM F2733, ASTM F903


Fabric information: 10.0 oz2 Polyurethane over FR Cotton Knit
Arc Rating: 16.3 Cal/cm2
Ebtas: 21.9 Cal/cm2
HAF: 84%
MVTR: 305G/M2/24H
Total % Body Burn: 12.30% - 3rd Degree Burn: 6.55%
Spec Sheet - Click to View/Print

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