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Disposable Clothing

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West Chester PosiWear Disposable Clothing Options range from light dust suits to
non-penetrating barrier suits and everything in between!

Ultimate Barrier

POSIWEARUB Ultimate Barrier provides the highest level of protection in the POSIWEAR family of product.

POSIWEARUB Ultimate Barrier is manufactured with serged seams. No hexvalavent chromium was use to make this product. The garments are ANSI sized allowing for freedom of movement. POSIWEAR Ultimate Barrier is lower cost than Tyvek® and Tyvek®QC . POSIWEAR Ultimate Barrier is available in yellow and white material.

Breathable Advantage



POSIWEARBA provides a high level of protection against non-hazardous dry particulates, light sprays and liquid splash. It is durable, extremely breathable and cool to wear. The garments are ANSI sized providing freedom of movement. All POSIWEAR is manufactured with serged seams. Available in white.

M3 - 5 Layer Protection

POSIWEARM3 is the only SMS product in the market that uses 5 layers of polypropylene for increased personal protection against water based liquid sprays and dry particulate. It has the best performance in the market vs. any other SMS product.

It offers excellent barrier properties for low to medium risk jobs. The patented material is made from the latest SMMMS technology, meeting U.S. and European standards on liquid barrier, durability and surface resistivity. It holds up against hydrostatic pressure, with a result of 80 cms as per AATCC 127 testing requirement.

It holds 5 Layers of Polypropylene for Increased Personal Protection:

    • 2 layers of Spunbond for Strength and Durability
    • 3 layers of Meltblown for Higher Barrier
    • Small fiber size/small pore size
    • Filtration/hydrophobic

The garments are ANSI sized for freedom of movement. All POSIWEARM3 clothing is manufactured with serged seams. Available in white and grey. This is a versatile fabric with excellent comfortable at a low cost. POSIWEAR is an improved barrier over other SMS constructions.