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CrossFire Safety Glasses

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CrossFire Safety Glasses High Definition Lens Technology
enhanced vision by filtering the most damaging blue rays and allowing for more transmission of the High Definition light spectrum.

Before HD After HD
The sun’s rays reflect off of surfaces such as sand, water, and snow causing glare.
CrossFire Safety Glasses Polarized
Lens Technology
prevents glare by
filtering out the reflected bent light and glare resulting in
vision in harsh environments.
Without Polarized Lens With Polarized Lens
Mix your Crossfire Safety Glass order if you don't want to order a whole box. Minimum order is 3 dozen pair in any combination of Crossfire safety glasses and we'll ship accordingly. Receive same pricing and call The Man Store to process your order.

CrossFire Safety Glasses: Sunglasses & Safety Glasses

The Man Store is proud to be your source for CrossFire safety glasses. CrossFire Safety Eyewear has a long history of serving the needs of police, military, rescue personnel, and construction workers. Available in numerous styles, in packs and individual, CrossFire makes the right safety eyewear for you. Every pair of CrossFire Safety Eyewear is certified ANSI Z87.1-2010.