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Hygienic Cleaning Wipes

Hygienic Cleaning Wipes

Hygienic Cleaning Wipes

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Hygienic Cleaning Wipes

Item # ERB890D-15698  ERB Hygienic Cleaning Wipes
Item #  504-13595  3M™ Alcohol-Free Respirator Cleaning Wipes

Item # ERB890D-15698  Hygienic Cleaning wipes.  100 individuallypackaged, pre-moistened wipes.  Ideal for respirators, personalequipment and safety helmet suspension.  Convenient dispenser box. Wall mount or desktop.
Item # 504-13595  3M™ Alcohol-Free respirator clean wipe.  Boxcontains 100, 8" x 10" towelettes that are alcohol-free and will notdamage the facepiece materials.  They are individually wrapped to holdmoisture and are stored in a convenient dispenser box. (100 per box)

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