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Pac Kit Industrial First Aid Kit

Pac Kit Industrial First Aid Kit

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Order 1 kit or a case which contains 4 kits.

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Individual kit or case of 4
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Standard Steel #100 Kit
Item # 6135 100 Person Industrial Kit
Steel (non-gasketed) with door pouch
Contents exceeds requirements of ANSI Standard Z308.1-2003
Neat, orderly interior packaging, makes contents easy to locate and use.


Kits contains Eyewash and dressings
Eye and Wound treatments in self-contained packages
Please consult "extended information" are complete list of contents.
Extend Info
100 Adhesive strips, ¾" x 3"
100 Adhesive strips, 1" x 3"
6     Fabric extra large strips
8     Fabric knuckle bandages
10   Fabric fingertip bandages
10 4" Gauze pads
2     Large wound pads
2     Adhesive tape rolls, ½"
2     Gauze bandage, 4"
2     Triangular bandage
100  Antiseptic Wipes
10    Antiseptic Towelettes
12    First aid/Burn cream packets
12    Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets
100  Aspirin
1 (4 oz.) Eye flush
4      Eye pads (with strips)
1      Sterile eye cup
1      Burn spray, 4 oz.
1      First aid antiseptic spray, 4 oz.
100   Cotton Tip Applicators
2 large Instant cold pack
1 (4") Elastic bandage
6      Latex Exam Gloves
1      Scissors
1      Forceps
1      First aid instructions
Total number of pieces: 588
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