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Fall Protection

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3M Fall Protection
( Formerly SafeWaze )


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Fall Protection Safety Meeting Kit
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The Man Store highly recommends printing & posting “The ABC’s of Fall Protection”
at ALL Prominent Locations for Your Safety & Educational Purposes.
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    3M  Fall Protection
    (formerly Safewaze)
    Guardian Fall Protection

    Fall protection systems can save your life. Explore a wide selection of fall protection equipment including safety harnesses and lanyards from some of the most respected safety equipment manufacturers in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a full body harness or a construction safety harness, we have the size and style you’re looking for, at a price that fits your budget. For the most advanced fall protection, rely on a brand you can trust.  Explore our complete line of fall protection harnesses, fall protection lanyards & retractables, lifeline systems, anchor points, roofers kits, connecting devices and more.

    The Man Store Lanyards can be customized to fit Peri Forms and Simons Forms!
    The Man Store Web & Chain Assemblies can be customized to fit Peri Forms and Simons Forms!


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