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Hard Hats, Bump Caps, Welding Helmets & Face Shields

  • Head & Face Protection Accessories & Replacement Parts

    Knitted Full-Face Shields, Thinsulate Liners, 4 Point & 6 Point Ratchet Suspensions, Headgear Replacements, Replacement Head Bands, Elastic Chin Cup & Straps & more
  • Types of Hard Hats

    Each type of hard hat is designed to protect against specific hazards, so it is important to first consider those hazards and any use limitations to determine your proper protection.

    The Standard categorizes hard hats by impact type.

    • Type I (top impact) hard hat is designed to reduce the force of impact on top of the head.
    • Type II (top and lateral impact) hard hat not only reduces the force of an object that may directly impact the top of the head, but also the force from a side blow to other parts of the head.

    ANSI has divided hard hats into 3 general classifications:

    • Class G (General) is an all-purpose, general helmet that provides good impact and penetration protection, but it offers limited voltage protection (up to 2,200 volts);
    • Class E (Electrical) provides the highest level of protection from high-voltage shock (up to 20,000 volts) and is especially well suited for electrical work;
    • Class C (Conductive) does NOT protect against electric conductors.


    Hard Hats, Bump Caps, Welding Helmets & Face Shields in various colors & styles by
    3M (formerly AOSafety), Pyramex Safety, & ISSI



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