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Sprayon® offers the highest-performing Lubricants, Electrical & Electronic Products, Cleaners & Degreasers, Mold Release Products, Welding Products and Specialty Application Products. Integrated with a unique 5S Visual Management Sprayon System, Sprayon Products are designed to help you preserve and protect your valuable equipment to prevent costly breakdowns & downtime.

The Sprayon 5S System Preserve, Protect, Prevent™

The Man Store is proud to offer The Sprayon 5S System. Offering a full line of industrial cleaners, degreasers, lubricants, rust preventatives, varnishes, sealers, mold release agents, protective coatings, general purpose cleaners and more, The Sprayon System offers unmatched protection for all industrial equipment maintenance, repair and operation. We also offer facility maintenance supplies, hand cleansers, insect repellents and much more.

Sprayon 5S Product Mix consists of Mold Release Agents, Sprayon Zinc-Rich Cold Galvanizing, Sprayon Degreasers, Sprayon Electrical Cleaners, Sprayon "Green Products", Sprayon Insulating Varnishes & Sealers, Sprayon Janitorial Products, Sprayon Maintenance Products, Sprayon Lubricants / Rust Preventatives, Sprayon Food Grade Lubricants, Sprayon Paint Removers, Belt Dressings,Tri-Flow Lubricants and more....
to cover all of your Facilities and Equipment needs.