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Sprayon WL739

  • Sprayon WL739
Sprayon S00739 Silver Galvanizing

Sprayon WL739 Silver Galvanizing Compound S00739000 Aerosol, 14 Oz. Cans, Case /12

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Sprayon WL739 Silver Galvanizing Compound S00739000 Aerosol, 14 Oz. Cans, Case /12


Sprayon® WL739 Silver Galvanizing Compound Aerosol is a sacrificial coating that inhibits rust and corrosion to ferrous metals. An excellent fast drying touch-up for repair of galvanized substrates. This metallic coating has the bright finish of hot-dip galvanized coating. 

  • Hot dip appearance
  • VOC & MIR compliant
  • Dry to touch In 30 minutes
  • Dry heat and chemical resistant

Uses:  Refineries, wrought iron, welds, power plants, fences, farm equipment, gutters, bridges, marine, nuclear facilities, highway maintenance, structural steel, transmission towers, damaged galvanized surfaces - See more at: https://www.sprayon.com//product-categories/industrial-welding-products/silver-galvanizing-compound-aerosol-wl739#sthash.MGxGexDF.dpuf

% Solids = 0.276%
% VOC = 0.486%
Base Type = Alkyd
Color = Silver
Consistency = Liquid
Dry to Handle - High = 60 Minutes
Dry to Handle - Low = 60 Minutes
Dry to Touch - High = 15 Minutes
Dry to Touch - Low = 10 Minutes
Flammable = Yes
Flashpoint = <0°F
HMIS Rating = 2,3,1
MIR (Maximum Incremental Reactivity) Compliant = Yes
Recoat Window = 2 to 16 hrs. OR after 36 hrs.
Sheen = Medium Gloss
Silver Galvanizing Compounds = Yes
Specific Gravity = 0.87
Spray Pattern = Mist Spray
Viscosity (Centistokes) = Medium
Weight / Gallon = 7.2 

Extend Info
Instructions for Use- Remove all rust, scale, paint, grease or foreign matter. A good clean surface is necessary. Apply directly to dry metal or galvanized surface and not over any other paint or coating. Product should be sprayed in a well-ventilated area. Use at room temperature (70°F.) for best operation. Turn can upside down. Hit sides lightly while rotating can in 1⁄4 turns until agitator ball breaks loose. While holding can upright, alternately shake the can up and down and in a circle for 30-60 seconds until the agitator travels freely in the bottom. NOTE! INSUFFICIENT MIXING MAY CAUSE PLUGGING TO OCCUR. Press spray button firmly with the can 8” to 12” away from surface being coated. Move can with short dusting strokes, releasing button at the end of each stroke. Apply several thin coats. For maximum performance in a highly corrosive environment, a topcoat is required. To prevent clogging, hold can upside down and spray until only clear gas comes out.
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