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Barricade & Caution Tapes

Prevent accidents by increasing visibility of hazards with our non-adhesive Barricade Tape.
The Barricade & Caution Safety Tapes were designed to protect & identify both above & below ground hazardous areas or elements such as construction sites & utility lines. Perfect for lane marking and hazard identification. Warns of physical hazards & dangers such as low pipes, ceilings, steps & doorways. When applied to trucks, forklifts & other vehicles, it increases danger awareness. Use these caution tapes to mark fire equipment and hazardous areas.  Barricade Tapes are lightweight, economical, reusable polyethylene, with a continuous repeat of message or warning.
Barricade Tapes can be tied, stapled or nailed in place. 
OSHA regulations1910.22 and 1920.144. for marking physical hazards &
they are available in various lengths & thicknesses.
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Safety Hazard Color Identification
  • Black / Yellow: Used to mark obstruction, hand rails, steps, passageways & hazard areas
  • Red / White: Used to denote the placement of fire extinguishers and other fire equipment.
  • Black / White: Denotes potentially dangerous areas
  • Purple / Yellow: Used to identify radiation hazards

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