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Tri-Flow Synthetic Food Grade Grease

Tri-Flow Synthetic Food Grade Grease

Tri-Flow Synthetic Food Grade Grease

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Available in Tubes, Aerosol & Bulk
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Tri-Flow® Synthetic Food Grade Grease

Item #'s:
SKU Description NSF Reg. NSF
Size Net
TF22002 5-Gallon* 127524 H1 0 5 gl.
TF22003 15-Gallon Keg* 127524 H1 0 15 gl.
TF22004 55-Gallon Drum* 127524 H1 0 55 gl.
TF22012 5-Gallon* 127524 H1 1 5 gl.
TF22013 15-Gallon Keg* 127524 H1 1 15 gl.
TF22014 55-Gallon Drum* 127524 H1 1 55 gl.
TF22020 Aerosol 127510 H1 2 16 oz. 12 oz. 12
TF22021 Gun Cartridge 127508 H1 2 14 oz.
TF22022 5-Gallon* 127524 H1 2 5 gl.
TF22023 15-Gallon Keg* 127524 H1 2 15 gl.
TF22024 55-Gallon Drum* 127524 H1 2 55 gl.
TF23004 3 oz. Tube 127524 H1 2 3 oz.
TF75454 1/4 oz. Tube 127524 H1 2 ¼ oz.

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Take a lubricant that can handle the toughest industrial applications, then make it food grade approved for above table work in food and beverage operations!!!

Sound Impossible?  Not anymore.  enter Tri-Flow Oils and Greases.  These P.T.F.E. fortified products, both NSF registered, H1 rated and Kosher approved, are specifically formulated to lubricate and seal out water in the most demanding conditions.  So, trust Tri-Flow Oils and Greases for superior lubricity and unrivaled high-load protection.

Tri-Flow® Synthetic Food Grade Grease is a premium synthetic grease that is NSF registered, and H1 rated for use in food processing plants. The product can be used in numerous applications and therefore reduces the need to stock specialized greases.
Twice as much load-carrying capacity as the leading food grade grease (based on Timkin OK load tests)
Nearly 50% more P.T.F.E. than other leading food grade P.T.F.E lubricants Wide temperature range: -10°F to 400°F
Compatible with most rubbers and plastics; excellent for "O" rings
Pure synthetic for added durability and long-lasting performance
Kosher approved
Waterproof, non-staining
Available in N.L.G.I Grades 0, 1 and 2

Uses: Gaskets and "O" rings, pump bearings, brushings, can seamers, conveyors, electric motors, pool equipment, slides, sterilizer chains, universal joints, water filters and valves.

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